Friday, October 3, 2014

A Camping We Will Go

This week we learned all about the letter Y. You might be wondering what roundabout way we used to connect the letter Y and camping, but I assure it is quite simple. Yawn is one of the y words we learned about and when you yawn it is typically nighttime unless you are a mommy with a child going through a sleep regression then you are probably yawning all day, but I digress. So back to yawning and the letter Y. You typically yawn at night and nighttime is the perfect time to go camping hence the letter Y camping connection. 

We started off our week talking about thins you might bring with you when you go camping like a pack, a sleeping bag, hiking boots, and a lantern or flashlight. One thing I "forgot" to bring was a pair of binoculars so we made our own binoculars and what is the point of binoculars unless you can use them and what better way to use them than going on a nature scavenger hunt. 

One more thing we needed to make sure we had for our camping trip was a campfire. The most important thing you need to have to build a campfire are some rocks and some branches. Each friend searched all over the room to find one of each and once they returned to the carpet we worked together to build our campfire. 

We talked about many of the different creatures we would see while camping and one of the most beautiful is the lightning bug. We talked about the different forms of light God created for us, but nothing is more beautiful than this beautiful natural light. We watched a video of lightening bugs in a park and read The Very Lonely Lightening Bug. Next we created our very own lightening bugs to add to our camping mural.

Since we were learning about daytime and nighttime we thought it would be fun to begin working on telling time. We watched a smart board lesson on telling time to the hour then all of my friends worked on placing all of the numbers on their clocks in order.

Friday was the big day for our camping week because you can't talk about camping and not have a camp out and you can't have a camp out without pajamas so we had a big ole 4K Pajama party complete with smore cupcakes made by one of our amazing mamas! We started off our camp out by reviewing all of the different forms of light God created for us and we read the story of Jesus healing the blind man. We made candles to help remind us that Jesus is the light that leads us.

For jobs this week we made Yack Y's

yoyo y's

We counted firefly's in jars and matched the correct number

We made snakes by placing the numbers 1-10 in order

And we made forest creatures to add to our camping mural

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