Saturday, September 28, 2013

Da Bear

If this big guy is any indication of how much fun this next week is going be we are in for a good time!

Mrs. Ann is DA BOMB!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

X-Ray, 5 Senses, and Health Oh My!

 This week learned all about our Bodies. Our letter is X and since there are so few words that actually start with and X what better way to learn about our bodies then to learn about X-Rays. We also learned all about our 5 senses and being healthy to make it a well rounded week.

Monday we learned about our bodies and what is inside them. We learned that X-rays are special pictures taken of the insides of our bodies that show our bones. After learning about X-rays we made our own X-rays of our bodies. Everyone cut out bones to create their own skeletons to go on the inside and they drew a self portrait for the outside. 

Tuesday we learned about our sense of sight by playing Eye Spy and then we made our 5 Senses Bear with bells on his ears, sandpaper on his paws, googly eyes, gum for his tongue, and cotton balls with lemon scent to smell. 

Wednesday we learned about our sense of hearing by playing a game where I hid different I objects and the students had to guess what the object was from the sound it made and then we made moroccos out of plastic eggs, beans, and plastic spoons. 

Thursday we worked on X-ray X's

We also learned about our sense if smell by smelling different cotton balls and guessing what each smell was. 

Friday was our favorite day because we had another special snack, but this time we had some work to do. We tasted an apple, potato chips, pretzels, teddy grahams, ritz crackers, and m&m's. 

For jobs this week did a lot of fun activities. 

We made Xylaphone X's

Played an eye spy game where the rude at had to find the pictures on their card and circle the matching picture on their game board.

Cut out pictures and matched them with the sense they went with

They felt balloons and tried to match what was inside with the picture on their board

Then they placed corn cobs in order from 1-10 and then placed the correct number of kernels on each one. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Billy Goats

Last week we had 2 special visitors come to visit. Frosty and Rue are Mrs Nicole's goats that live on her farm. They were super sweet and we were so thankful for Mr. Tim and how nice he was to bring the 2 sweet farm animals to visit. 

Each student got a chance to come up and pet the goats and feed them a carrot if they wanted to. 

             Waiting to meet the goats

Apple Extravaganza!

Last week we learned all about one of my favorite fruits! Juicy Delicious Apples! We learned that apples grow from seeds that grow into trees that grow apples. 

To start off Apple Week we had an Apple Tasting. Each student got a tiny bite of a red, green, and yellow apple. After tasting each student got a blank apple that they colored in with the color of the one they liked the best. Then we graphed the apples to see which one had the most and the least apples. 

After we finished out tasting and graphing we all worked on  an Apple Glyph
Look at that beautiful cutting! I am so proud of all of my friends and how hard they have been working. 

Wednesday we worked on our lowercase a apples

Thursday we worked on our fine motor skills by creating our very own apple trees by ripping different colors of paper 

During Job time we completed several fun activities mainly concentrating on number recognition, counting, and. One to one correspondence (counting a group if objects and matching the correct number to the set. 

We matched the apple tree tops with apples to the trunk with the matching number. 

We counted apple seeds and matched the other half of the apple with the correct number. 

We rolled a dice with the numbers 1-6 and colored in the matching apple in the apple tree.

Last but not least I wanted to do another assessment and had the students sort colors. 

To commemorate such a fun week we threw an Apple Extravaganza and tasted all kinds of Apple products We had apple juice, apple pie, apple cereal bars, fresh apples dipped in caramel, apple butter on biscuits, apple sauce, and dried apple chips. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and they keep asking me each week when we will have another Apple Party.

Down On The Farm

This week we are learning g all about The Farm. We started off learning about some animals and some people who live and work in the farm. We learned that farmer are people who live on farms and take care of the plants and animals on the farm. 
Farm unit for kindergarten

Tuesday we learned all about cows and followed a Cow Glyph to make some pretty cute little heifers and bulls. 

Wednesday we learned all about horses and the. We worked on following directions, cutting, an position words to place the farm animals in the correct position on the farm. 
Down on the Farm with Geometric Shapes

Thursday we learned All About Pigs and since pigs lie mud we couldn't make a cute pink piggy without adding a little mud or maybe some chocolate pudding that looks like mud but smells better.  

Muddy Buddy

Friday we learned All About Chickens and then We graphed our favorite farm animal and made a lowercase flower f

F is for Flower

For Jobs this week we made a Fox F

Each table made a different Farm Animals

And Counted Farm Animals 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catching Up

I got a little behind on classroom posts because I received a lovely stomach virus which seemed to last forever ! It started last Thursday evening after our cross country meet and lasted until the following Tuesday!!! I started feeling better that Saturday and went to a friends baby shower which may have been a bad idea because I had to miss school  on Monday I was feeling so bad. Poor Mrs. Douglas has really had to work hard this past week, but she is amazing and made me feel so much better about having to miss.

The second reason I am behind 2 weeks is because of this. 

This is called ADD people and I am a classic case as my precious husband would say. I have a difficult time finishing tasks hence why you see books from last weeks lesson where I left them on my way to the bookshelf because I got side tracked into making an example for a craft next week. Then there is the lesson plan left on the table on my way to turn it in which I like to do on Fridays because I will inevitably forget to do Monday morning. 

Hee Hee If you look closely you can see one of my precious angels sleeping in the background. Nap time is when I get almost all of my planning done.

This is why pre lesson prep is super important for me and this is also why I do what I do. I understand children with learning difficulties because I was one and I still am. School was not easy for me, but I made it through and if I can help 1 baby through their school journey then I am doing my job. 

I am hoping to finish both posts this weekend so I will be back on track for next weeks lesson on The Farm. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow what a week we have had so far! It is always those short weeks that really show you how important it is to be 100% prepared because something will always catch up with you.

Everyone seemed to settle back into the week today and we really got some fun stuff done.  The first day back after a long weekend is always the hardest to get everyone back on track, but my sweet friends till had a great day. 

This week we are learning all about the letter H and feelings. We started off the week by meeting our first Letter friend and learning all about him. His name is Mr. H and he has Happy hair.
Each week we color a picture of each letter person that we glue on a popsicle stick and turn into a puppet  for the children to take home and play with. 

We learned that Happy was a feeling by reading The Way I Feel and learning all about the different types of emotions. Next we read When Sophie Gets Angry, Really ,Really Angry and we talked about how it was ok to have all kinds of feelings, but what was important was how you handle hose feelings. 

Wednesday we read Glad Monster Sad Monster and we learned how colors can show and make us feel different emotions and then everyone made their very own colorful feelings monsters. 

Wednesday we watched a video of the story Chrysanthemum  and as we watched the story I held a red heart in my hand and every time one of the other children in the book said something unkind to or about Chrysanthemum I would crumple a little bit of the heart and every time someone said something kind I would unfold it. This left an uncrumpled yet very wrinkled heart and we talked about even though we say unkind things to others we can always say we are sorry, but even when we do say sorry it still leaves a little wrinkle in our friends heart. 
Don't hurt feelings!
No Source Could Be Found

Thursday we watched another video on our Smart Board of My Many Colored Days. Earlier in the week when we read Glad Monster Sad Monster we talked about the colors of each monster and this time we talked about how different colors could mean something different to different people. In Glad Monster Sad Monster we found that red meant Angry, but in My Many Colored Days red symbolized a horse kicking up their heels. It was fun to see what each student said how their color made them feel. 

For Jobs this week since we only had 4 days we only had 4 jobs. This meant one of our tables was spread between our other tables with 1 additional friend at each. I really hate short weeks and would rather just go to school because I feel like we miss out on so much when we miss. I also dislike short weeks because of 4 of everything I have to make 5 of everything, but you do what you gotta do to make everything flow as smoothly as possible.

Now that we have started our Letters we will make a craft out of the Uppercase and Lowercase letter each week. For our uppercase letter we made an H Horse.

For our Lowercase letter we made an h house.

Then the students rolled a Feelings Dice and then recreated that feeling on play doh mats. This was a great fine motor skill to get those little fingers moving.

Next I wanted to do some direction following and matching skills so each student got a baggy of colored feelings faces and they had to find that face on their sheet and color it in with the same color. 

Last, but not least I wanted to have the students make something we use in our classroom to help us when we don't know what to do with some of our feelings. n our classroom we have a Peace Table where friends can go to work out any issues or to sit and shill when they need to take a moment to regroup and think about making better choices. While they are at the Peace Table they can look at our Calm Down Bottles 
Calm down bottles- great for meditation...especially beginners. Or Time-out time
which helps distract and give little hands something better to do. I thought it would be fun if each student had their own calm down bottle to take home and use when they needed a moment to calm down. Mrs. Douglas is our Master of Awesome crafts so I let her be in charge of this one especially since it involved glitter!
Glitter Calm Down Bottle - love that she refers to a time out in "penalty minutes" and "sitting in the box"
So far it has been a great week and I am so proud of my friends for following directions and being great listeners. We are working on earning a Pajama Party right now which you know I live any excuse to wear my slippers an comfy pants to school. Man I love my job!

Happy Hump Day