Thursday, August 27, 2015

All About Me

Our This week was kind of all over the place because we still had to fit in 1 more staggered day for a few of our new friends while learning s out being bucket fillers and learning all about us. 

We learned about making good choices and being kind friends so we can be bucket fillers and we made happy little buckets to show that we will be try to make good choices. 

This week we will be learning all about ourselves and our friends and what makes us all special. One thing that makes us special is our names. 

We sang If Your Name Begins With ______ Please Stand Up and as they sold each child was handed the letter their name begins with. After we had everyone's letter we decorated them with stickers. 

We cut out the letter our name begins with from magazines and glued them into the middle of our letters. 

We read a story called Chrysanthemum and practices writing/tracing our names, counting how many letters are in our names. 

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and created our own coconut trees, glued letter coconuts on our trees spelling our names. 

 We met Mat Man and learned all of the different parts of our bodies by drawing self portraits. 

Last but not least we made mosaic names so we could show off what makes us all special. 

We had such a great week at school and we can't wait to meet our first letter friend next week. 

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