Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Senses

This week we learned all about our 5 Senses and the letter X. 

What better way to learn about our senses than to play some games that used each one. We used our sense of sight and played Eye Spy. We used our sense of hearing and played a game where we had to guess what was making each sound inside our mystery box. We used or sense of taste when we tasted sweet, salty, and sour foods. We used our sense of smell when we smelled 4 different cups and decided what was in each one. 

To finish off our week we created a silly little bear to help remind a how we use each sense.

For jobs this week we made a Xylophone X and we placed the colorful bars in order from biggest to smallest

We made x-ray x's and we also placed the bones in order from largest to smallest

We painted with different flavored paints to create pictures we could smell

We created flap books by cutting out pictures and placing them under the sense we could use for each one.

And we sorted different sized bones into small, medium, and large columns

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