Friday, September 12, 2014

F Is For Farm

This  week we learned all about the farm. We started off our week by singing Old McDonald had A Farm and we learned about the jobs different animals do (cows give us milk, chickens give us eggs, and horses plow fields.
We watched the story of The Big Red Barn and made some cows for our farm

We Read Inside A Barn in The Country and we had a visit from Mrs.  Schmitz our school counselor. 

We learned about chickens and read Tilly Lays An Egg and created these super cute finger painted chickens

We also read Barnyard Animals and we watched a video on all of the different animals that live on the farm. 

For jobs this week we made an F Fox

An f flower

We practiced our gluing skills by makin glue dots on an apple 

 And then we used our glue to plant a pattern of seeds 

We also used unifix cubes to measure farm animals then we cut out the correct number and glued it with the correct animal. 

Last but not least we continued working on counting and number recognition skills by counting sets of farm animals, cutting out the matching number and gluing it with the correct set. 

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